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AZALIA SNAIL w/ Unusual Squirrel + Killin H8

Azalia Snail
Azalia Snail is a delectably eclectic musical artist with a unique pop sensibility. She is an indie rock veteran who has produced over a dozen albums of kaleidoscopic pop.
Her unique sound is culled from influences such as 60s psychedelic pop & soul, the surrealistic poetry of the French plus Anne Sexton, 1970s movie soundtracks, Eno ambiance, punk, spacefolk, glitter and free jazz. She is sometimes referred to as the queen of lo-fi, and has often been called the female Beck or Syd Barrett. She has toured the world solo and with her band LoveyDove. 

Sharing the stage with Marianne Faithful, Stereolab, Sebadoh, King Missile, Low, The Grifters & many of the finest essential pop artists, she has recorded for Sub Pop, Silber, Records AdNauseam, and PowerToolRecords in New Zealand. In 2016 she met legendary singer songwriter Melanie (of Woodstock & Isle of Wright fame) and has accompanied her in concert. 

Unusual Squirrel (John S. Hall/King Missile)
In early 2016, John formed Unusual Squirrel with multi-instrumentalists Ray Brown (guitar, piano, percussion), Susan Hwang (janguu) and Preston Spurlock (keyboards). The band has performed at the Treehouse (of course), Sidewalk Café, Cakeshop, Union Hall, The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, and other venues.

Their first album, Fuck Sandwich, was released in February 2017.

Killin H8:

21+, 8pm doors