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EAMON FOGARTY w/ Mike Wexler + Scree

Eamon Fogarty:
Eamon Fogarty is a composer and performer from New Hampshire, currently based in New York. His latest record "Progressive Bedroom" is an collection of songs and instrumental pieces taking cues from the golden age of art rock, with an Eno-phile's ear for sonic oddity and a voice that recalls the crooning of Tim Buckley and Scott Walker.

Mike Wexler:
Almost perversely skilled in the Jansch-ian school of acoustic guitar picking, Mike Wexler snake-charmed the Brooklyn underground in the mid-2000s with his free-form songs and strangely resonant voice. A startlingly affecting and spare debut released on I and Ear Records in 2005 immediately set Wexler apart from his dronier peers. He pursued more expansive territory with full band instrumentation and captivating arrangements on Sun Wheel, the elliptical 2007 release on Amish Records. Wexler returned in 2012 with Dispossession for Mexican Summer, the result of over two years of intermittent recording - an eerily beautiful sound world featuring guest appearances from a host of N.Y.C. improvisers. 2016 saw the release of Syntropy on Switzerland's three:four, a set of songs that borrows equally from the rhythms and chord voicings of Brazilian masters and the rapid, mantric repetitions of minimalism, exploring themes of ecology, utopian politics, and a deeply personal metaphysics.

21+, 8pm doors