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Ben Seretan Group+ Lynk, Java Joe's Jittery Junction

3rd - Ben Seretan Group
2nd - Java Joe's Jittery Junction
1st Band: Lynk
DJ - DJ Ron Artest

Ben Seretan:
The confused sound of blood in a shining person. How loud can a whisper get, how quietly can an electric guitar hum? Sweet and tender songs, long zones of tones, brushfire flurries of fingerpicking, ecstatic joy, the occasional disgusting guitar solo and/or guided meditation. Sometimes solo, sometimes with a group, ever thoughtful. Available for listening across an impressive swath of LPs, cassettes, and online releases. Generally in NYC.
Seretan is also the creator of My Life’s Work, a 24-hour long recording / interactive multimedia project, a book of travel writing by the name of Past the Breakers, and a video collage piece shot and scored on a small island in the Pacific called Double Alaska.

Java Joe's Jittery Junction:
The achy breaky ramblings of a caffeine junkie and his well rested family band.

One shimmering voice, syrupy sweet as a televangelist on his knees, drawing a dotted line around a calamity you already feel to be happening. House plants gaining access to sms technology, tower PCs growing gills. Tiny sunglasses. Interconnective melodies gluing together photocopied do-it-yourself manuals made of fronds and blooms and stalks. Hyper / chain. Lynk.

DJ Ron Artest:
Ron Artest once beat up a fan during a game & then changed his name to Metta World Peace. DJ Ron Artest has done neither of those things but he does play a fine collection of disco oddities, weirdo punk & African funk. 
21+, 8pm doors

L to Bedford
J, M to Marcy
G, L to Metropolitan/Grand

instagram: @wondersofnaturebk