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David Vassalotti + David West, Samdy

David Vassalotti
David Vassalotti is a Florida-based songwriter and performer for critically acclaimed 4AD signees Merchandise and previously, Tampa punk icons Cult Ritual and Neon Blud, and many other things. In his own time he's been steadily carving out unique territory with solo records like the 2011 LP "Book Of Ghosts", 2013's "Live In Infinity" cassette on Night People, and "Broken Rope", his 2016 LP on NYC imprint Wharf Cat. From lo-fi guitar pop sounds (a la Flying Nun staples like The Clean and The Verlaines), Eastern modes, elements of harsh industrial noise and musique concrete, Vassalotti weaves together a wide array of musical influences with a steady hand. His lyrics draw from literary references as far-reaching as Portuguese history, Russian folklore, and Spanish poetry. Vasseloti lives in Philadelphia but has not deigned to play a solo NYC show in 2 years, making this a rare treat for denizens of the Big Apple.

David West
David West is a New York-based Australian musical artist who's been active in the underground pop and post-punk scene for over a decade. His current projects include Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox and Liberation. In the past he was involved in Lace Curtain and Total Control. He's been making solo records since 2014's Night People cassette "Drop Out Of Collage", a bubbling spa of lo-fi pop, electronic experimentation and chaotic tape edits. Since then, he's released two solo LPs on the UK imprint Tough Love, 2016's "Peace Or Love" and 2017's "Cherry On Willow", which veered haphazardly into glitter rock, ambience and disco pop. On this tour with David Vassalotti he'll be playing solo with acoustic guitar and electronics, dipping into his solo and Rat Columns tracks.

Sandy Ewen & Sam Weinberg

21+, 8pm doors