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PG SIX w/ Ryan Davis of State Champion (solo), Daniel diMaggio of Home Blitz

Hands down one of the best records of 2015. Obtusely original and creative, a cohesive smattering of tastes and rock sensibility captured in the perfect setting at the perfect time. - No Depression

Davis is not necessarily what you'd call a technically precise or polished singer, but when I first heard his signature wail, I stopped in my tracks...Maybe it was the raw, informal production that got me, or maybe it was the naked, honest words, and how they're delivered. Either way, I think State Champion is a band to watch. - NPR

Digging into the dregs of Royal Trux sludge Americana, angular punk, and torch ballads done with malice, State Champion are a sight to behold live with their unbridled energy and extremely art-damaged take on electric folk. - The Decibel Tolls

Davis has found a band that can double down on his Silver Jews/Pavement/Smog/Drag City ramshackle singer-songwriter influences and play the hell out of 'em and make 'em their own. What's more, he's either writing a lot more hooks, lyrical asides, and punchlines per song than he was on the first album, or he's just figured out how to make 'em cut through and connect. Can I get a hell yeah? - Blastitude

Gotta say, they really nail what they’re going for here, an easy-listening, well-worn rock album with the heavy influences of country and slacker-indie coming to blows and leaving as friends...When I play this record, it’s like I’m walking into a bar and the whole band turns their heads and smiles at me simultaneously, calling me over to their table and picking up my first round. Time flies when State Champion are hanging out just shooting the shit. - Matt K. (of Pissed Jeans / Yellow Green Red)

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21+, 8pm doors

L to Bedford
J, M to Marcy
G, L to Metropolitan/Grand