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Fieldings, Laura Wolf, Thee Obsidian Gong

Fieldings 10pm
Fieldings is producer/songwriter Lucinda Hearn, with Paul Weintrob (guitar) and Alex Kirkpatrick (percussion). Fielding's latest album Soft Tissue was written and recorded between fall 2015 and summer 2017, while Lucinda found a new home and new band in NYC. It's woozy with the loneliness and uncertainty of that time, only showing its soft underbelly from around corners.

Laura Wolf 9pm
Cellist and singer Laura Wolf Schatz uses live looping, effect pedals and various instruments to weave a penetrating world of sound. Having performed with various contemporary and classical ensembles, her debut solo EP Stitch One (2017) was met with critical praise, deemed "beautifully immersive" and "distinctly enchanting" by Gold Flake Paint. She is currently workshopping her newest work bridging spacious experimentalism with pop driven songs.

Thee Obsidian Gong is a duo of Matt Evans and Ben Seretan. They roll around in a cosmic venn diagram of interests - being stoked, standing tones, the whirr of a disco ball as it spins around, clouds of sound, cassette tapes, high fives, excel spreadsheets, broken synthesizers, ratios, and music that, like a rare bird perched in a clearing, you must gingerly approach or else it will take flight and disappear. This will be their third ever performance and they will only loosely have a plan. Matt is a percussionist of the highest caliber and member of the band Tigue. Ben is a stubbornly gentle guitarist and singer working under his own name. The band is named in honor of La Monte Young (plus it sounds really bad ass).