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BIRTHH, Noy Markel


talian-based songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Alice Bisi, known for her style of interweaving frank and almost abrupt lyrics about her personal life with spellbinding riffs, has had a keen eye for music from a young age. Shortly after being born in Florence in 1996, she was immersed in music thanks to the influence of her family. She released her first album, 'Born in the Woods' with the WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring) label in 2016. Following the release of Born in the Woods Alice undertook an almost non-stop touring schedule for two years around much of Europe, US and Canada. This authentic sound engineered by Alice has earned her support slots with many notable names such as PJ Harvey, Mac DeMarco, Andrew Bird and Benjamin Clementine.






Bio: NY based singer/songwriter, Noy Markel creates music with a modern pop twist. With influences ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Amy Winehouse, Noy establishes a uniquely mysterious and “floaty” sound.
While growing up in Israel she began to witness the powerful magic of music and instantly became drawn to its universal quality of bringing people together. Just as music has done for her, she wishes to inspire and open doors within the minds of her listeners.