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Jennifer O'Connor + Guts Club, Clint Michigan

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Jennifer O'Connor (NY)-
"Jennifer O’Connor has been making under-the-radar, intimate, and emotionally affecting indie pop music for many years. After a stint on Matador Records, she broke off to start her own label, Kiam Records, in 2014; Kiam is also a brick-and-mortar record shop in Nyack, NY. Her sixth record, Surface Noise... is smart and hooky, the kind of record that will immediately catch your ear and that you can continue to find new aspects to love within as you dig into it further." -Impose

Guts Club (New Orleans)
"Guts Club you might know as the cracked and slithering quasi-country act of New Orleans’ Lindsey Baker... 'Trench Foot' will be Baker’s third release as Guts Club, following 2016’s 'Shit Bug' and 2015’s 'The Arm Wrestling Tournament.' However and whatever you know, I hope that you’ll trust me when I say there is little else out there quite like the razor-direct intensity of Baker’s lyricism in Guts Club."- Tiny Mix Tapes

Clint Michigan (NY)
At first listen, Clint Michigan’s beautiful, sanguine 'Centuries' (Out now on Kiam Records) sounds like a document of reckoning, a nine track mediation that takes stock of certain realities—both personal and universal—that feel particularly pervasive in the cultural ether right now. Given the steady, assured nature of tracks like “Knickerbocker Street” and “Steven Says,” one might never guess that the record is, in many ways, a snapshot of chaos—a record made by an artist who travelled through the looking glass of a crippling addiction and managed to somehow come out the other side.

21+, 8pm doors