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Drawing Boards, Romantic States, Kevin Hairs

Drawing Boards:

Contrary to popular indie-rock opinion, the past can be squared away, registered for deconstruction, and demolished. Yet here is music: the distortion of time. Drawing Boards, of Queens, N.Y., grapples with this absurdity on its self-titled, debut album. In our digital day, the band uses the classic sounds of indie-pop to reflect on the minutes and the years just passed. Many of singer-guitarist Aaron Pfannebecker’s lyrics deal with a relatable nostalgia. Pfannebecker’s suburban memories evoke a melancholy in the music that carries through the notes played. Singer-drummer Doug Marvin’s lyrics explore the sometimes inscrutable feelings trigged by scent and self-inflicted absences. Throughout the record, shimmering synths, booming head kicks, strummed six-strings, and contorted noise inspire a photo album’s worth of emotions.

Romantic States

Kevin Hairs

21+, 8pm doors