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Richard Papiercuts, Quietus (Record Release)

Papiercuts ///

Richard Papiercuts is an American musician and producer active since the early 1990s.  His work emphasizes songcraft and dense, layered arrangements.  On his earliest recordings Papiercuts combined familiar musical phrases in unfamiliar ways to convey estrangement and disorientation.  Over time his borrowings have grown more subtle but the signposts remain and listeners will likely detect traces of Scott Walker, Talk Talk, and Stax Records in his songs.  He plays intermittent live shows with a live band that includes Thomas Storck, Ed Bear, John Allen, Matt Mottel, Dylan Going, Kevin DeBroux, Arjun Agerwala, and Pascal Ludet.  Papiercuts has cycled through several stage names over the years.  As LF Restaurant he is a founder and leader of The Chinese Restaurants, a fluid ensemble that blends primitive rock, free improvisation, and modern composition since 1996.  Born in Mexico, he relocated to the southwestern U.S. in his teens before arriving in New York City in 1998.  He lives in Harlem with his wife and two sons.

Quietus ///


Quietus has worked in Brooklyn since 2010, quietly making music and records that are guided in sound and method by ideas like this:   


“In short, all good things are wild and free. There is something in a strain of music, whether produced by an instrument or by the human voice,--take the sound of a bugle in a summer night, for instance,--which by its wildness…reminds me of the cries emitted by wild beasts in their native forests. It is so much of their wildness as I can understand… The wildness of the savage is but a faint symbol of the awful ferity with which good [people] and lovers meet…I love even to see the domestic animals reassert their native rights,--any evidence that they have not wholly lost their original wild habits and vigor; as when my neighbor’s cow breaks out of her pasture early in the spring and boldly swims the river…swollen by the melted snow. It is the buffalo crossing the Mississippi. This exploit confers some dignity on the herd in my eyes…The seeds of instinct are preserved under the thick hides of cattle and horses, like seeds in the bowels of the earth.”

--“Walking,” Henry David Thoreau

21+, 8pm doors

Later Event: September 14
Kath Bloom, Linda Draper